Primetime 2017 production pictures

Published on Mon 26 Jun 2017

The production images for Primetime 2017 are now available to view on our gallery page.

To view the full gallery click here.

All images credited to Helen Murray.

The 2017 Primetime plays were written by Hezron Bavananthan, Ava Reid, Madhuksharaa Sekar, Sujit Jawahar Selvam, Safiyya Amin, Michel Molekela, Moses Lopes and Tehya Payne who are all primary school children aged eight to 11 from Merton, Richmond, Harrow, Brent and Barnet.

The plays toured nine primary schools in London boroughs before being performed in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs at the Royal Court on 23 and 24 June 2017.