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Wed 29 Nov 2006

The Alfred Fagon Award celebrates its 10th anniversary with a teatime reading of 11 JOSEPHINE HOUSE. This astonishing first play shows a group of Jamaicans in Bristol in the early 1970’s, in a story shaped by love, faith, drink – and exile.

After the reading, this year’s winner is presented with their award at 6pm in the bar downstairs.

Alfred Fagon (1937 – 86) was born in Jamaica and became a leading black British playwright in the 1970’s and 80’s. His plays include 11 JOSEPHINE HOUSE, THE DEATH OF A BLACKMAN and LONELY COWBOY, all published by Oberon. The Alfred Fagon Award of £5,000 is open to any playwright of Caribbean descent resident in the UK for the best new stage play in English, which need not have been produced. The next closing date is 31 August 2007.

See “+www.alfredfagonaward.co.uk+”: www.alfredfagonaward.co.uk for more information.


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