Eastern European Readings: Pagans

by Anna Yablonskaya, translated by Rory Mullarkey

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Natalya Stepanovna has come back into the lives of her estranged son Oleg and daughter-in-law Marina and is bringing the Lord Jesus Christ to them and their self-destructive, university drop-out daughter Kristina. Can He really save them all? Anna Yablonskaya's plays have been produced extensively in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Directed by Simon Godwin These readings are presented as part of the International Playwrights Season: A Genesis Foundation Project Eastern European events with additional support from Jenny Hall It is with great sadness that we report that the Ukrainian playwright Anna Yablonskaya was killed on the 24 January at the airport bombing in Moscow. She participated in the 2010 International Residency at the Royal Court with her play Scenes From Family Life . She was a beautiful, joyful, passionate person who was so wonderful to be around last summer. Elyse Dodgson from the Royal Court's international department will be visiting Odessa in February to start a new project with Ukrainian writers and this work will be dedicated to Anna's memory.


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