What's in the Cat

By Linda Brogan

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Wed 07 Dec 2005
Lauren's come back for Christmas dinner, but she's not staying. They've found her a place with a creche so she can do her exams. Dad thinks she should stay home and Mum thinks she should have kept her legs shut. It's Moss Side 1974. Design: Libby Watson Lighting: James Farncombe Cast: Geoff Aymer, Rachel Brogan, Curtis Cole, Mary Jo Randle, David Webber WHAT'S IN THE CAT was developed during a residency at Contact. Linda Brogan's work includes a production of BASIL AND BEATTIE (Royal Exchange/Liverpool Everyman) and commissions by Wolsey/Tricycle (The Very Thought of You),Clean Break (Black Crows) and Contact (Ghost Town). She was a winner of the Alfred Fagon Award in 2001. Paulette Randall is the former Artistic Director of Talawa Theatre company. Her previous work for the Royal Court was BLEST BE THE TIE. Other work includes URBAN AFRO SAXONS (Stratford East), KING HEDLEY II (Tricycle / Birmingham Rep), FUNNY BLACK WOMEN ON THE EDGE, SHOOT TO WIN, VARIOUS POSSE SHOWS (Stratford East), TWO TRAINS RUNNING, UP AGAINST THE WALL (Tricycle), THE AMEN CORNER (Bristol Old Vic), SANCTUARY (Joint Stock), FOR COLOURED GIRLS WHO HAVE CONSIDERED SUICIDE, WHEN THE RAINBOW IS NOT ENUF (BAC / Albany Empire), MOON ON A RAINBOW SHAWL (Nottingham). Work for television includes KERCHING!, DESMOND'S, THE REAL McCOY, PORKPIE, MARVIN, COMIN' ATCHA and BLOUSE AND SKIRT.


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