Aunt Dan and Lemon

By Wallace Shawn

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Wed 20 May 2009

We all remember a favourite aunty, uncle or grandparent, someone who, in our childhood, told us tales that made our toes curl and stories of wonder. For Lemon, it was Aunt Dan. A brilliant, intoxicating but dangerous woman who shared all the most intimate and daring secrets of her decadent, exotic adult world…

Aunt Dan and Lemon explores the frightening pathways of influence, the glamour of cruelty and the shadow side of nostalgia.

Running Time: 1hr 50mins, no interval

Suitable for ages 16+


I can't name an American dramatist whose contemporary achievement comes anywhere near that of writing Aunt Dan and Lemon, The Fever and The Designated Mourner. Wallace Shawn is at once the US's most profound and most overlooked playwright.

David Hare

Wallace Shawn always takes you on an unexpected journey. You come home bruised, perplexed, laughing, afraid. And, because he's such a good writer, very happy.

Caryl Churchill

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