Past Productions


Written by Tamanthan Hammerschlag Directed by Mary Peate

Thu 14 Nov 1996

The Call

Written by Lydia Prior Directed by Julie-Anne Robinson

Tue 12 Nov 1996

Business as Unusual

Written by Michael Shaw Directed by Indhu Rubasingham

Fri 08 Nov 1996

The Future Is Betamax

Written by Nicholas Kelly Directed by Caroline Hall

Mon 04 Nov 1996

Drink, Smoking and Tokeing

Written by Stuart Swarbrick Directed by Julie-Anne Robinson

Thu 31 Oct 1996

The Separation

Written by Matty Chalk Directed by Indhu Rubasingham

Mon 28 Oct 1996

a.s.k. Afternoon Readings Four New Plays From the Usa

Mon 28 Oct 1996


By Jez Butterworth

Thu 10 Oct 1996

Shopping and Fucking

Written by Mark Ravenhill Directed by Max Stafford Clark

Thu 26 Sep 1996

Ashes to Ashes

Written & Directed by Harold Pinter

Thu 12 Sep 1996

The Lights

By Howard Korder

Thu 18 Jul 1996

The Fear Show

Written & Directed by The Handsome Foundation

Thu 04 Jul 1996

Body Talk

Written & Directed by Stephen Daldry

Wed 03 Jul 1996


Written & Directed by Royal Court Young Peoples' Theatre

Tue 02 Jul 1996

Ken Campbell's Theatre Stories

Written & Directed by Ken Campbell

Sun 30 Jun 1996


Written & Directed by Heathcote Williams - rehearsed reading

Sun 30 Jun 1996

The Sole Experienco

Written & Directed by People Show No.98

Tue 25 Jun 1996

In the Ether

Written & Directed by Lee and Dawes

Tue 25 Jun 1996

Trades and Trusts

Written & Directed by Candoco Dance Company

Fri 21 Jun 1996

Experiment in Contraprojection

Written & Directed by The Brittonioni Brothers

Thu 20 Jun 1996


Written & Directed by N.V.A.

Tue 18 Jun 1996

Ocean of Storms

Written & Directed by Stan's Cafe

Sat 15 Jun 1996

The Trick Is to Keep Breathing

Written & Directed by Tron Theatre Company

Mon 10 Jun 1996

A Large Attendance in the Antechamber

Written & Directed by Lipson and Galton

Mon 10 Jun 1996

Portia Coughlan

Written by Marina Carr Directed by Garry Hynes

Thu 09 May 1996


Written by Winsome Pinnock Directed by Roxana Silbert

Thu 25 Apr 1996

The Thickness of Skin

Written by Clare McIntyre Directed by Hettie MacDonald

Thu 28 Mar 1996

Harry and Me

Written by Nigel Williams Directed by James MacDonald

Thu 21 Mar 1996

The Beauty Queen of Leenane

Written by Martin McDonagh Directed by Garry Hynes

Thu 29 Feb 1996

The Changing Room

Written by David StoreyDirected by James Macdonald

Thu 01 Feb 1996

Valley Song

Written & Directed by Athol Fugard

Wed 31 Jan 1996


Written by Nick Grosso Directed by Roxana Silbert

Thu 25 Jan 1996

The Break of Day

Written by Timberlake Wertenbaker Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Wed 22 Nov 1995


Written by Judy Upton Directed by Jane Howell

Thu 16 Nov 1995


Written by Terry Johnson Directed by Phyllida Lloyd

Wed 15 Nov 1995

Waiting Room Germany

Written by Klaus Pohl Directed by Mary Peate

Wed 01 Nov 1995