Past Productions


Written by Jez Butterworth Directed by Ian Rickson

Fri 14 Jul 1995


Written & Directed by Phyllis Nagy

Mon 26 Jun 1995

Star-Gazy Pie

Written by James Stock Directed by Mark Wing-Davey

Thu 04 May 1995


Written & Directed by Anthony Neilson

Wed 26 Apr 1995


Written by Sam Shepard Directed by James Macdonald

Thu 06 Apr 1995


Written by Judith Johnson Directed by Polly Teale

Thu 09 Mar 1995

The Strip

Written by Phyllis Nagy Directed by Steven Pimlott

Thu 23 Feb 1995

The Knocky

Written by Michael Wynne Directed by Brian Stirner

Thu 16 Feb 1995


By Sarah Kane

Thu 12 Jan 1995

The Libertine

by Stephen Jeffreys

Tue 06 Dec 1994

Man of Mode

by George Etherege

Tue 06 Dec 1994

Ashes and Sand

by Judy Upton

Thu 01 Dec 1994

My Night With Reg

Written by Kevin Elyot Directed by Roger Michell

Tue 15 Nov 1994


Written by Nick Grosso Directed by James Macdonald

Thu 10 Nov 1994

The Editing Process

Written by Meredith Oakes Directed by Stephen Daldry

Thu 27 Oct 1994

a.s.k. Afternoon Readings Four New Plays From the Usa

Thu 13 Oct 1994

Some Voices

By Joe Penhall

Thu 15 Sep 1994


by Jonathan Harvey

Mon 05 Sep 1994

Ayama Himmu Ahop

by Ralf Ralf

Wed 08 Jun 1994


Written by Jim Cartwright Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Tue 07 Jun 1994


Written by Seneca Directed by James Macdonald

Tue 07 Jun 1994

The Lights Are on but Nobodys at Home

Written & Directed by Semblance

Sat 04 Jun 1994

The Queen and I

Written by Sue Townsend Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Wed 01 Jun 1994

Tantamount Esperance

Written & Directed by Rose English

Thu 26 May 1994

Voices for 9

Written & Directed by Royal Court Young Peoples Theatre

Tue 24 May 1994

Scenes From a Men's Changing Room

Sat 21 May 1994

Scenes From a Men's Changing Room

Written & Directed by Edward Lam Company

Sat 21 May 1994

Hope by Desperate Optimists

Written & Directed by Desperate Optimists

Thu 19 May 1994


Written & Directed by Doo Cot

Wed 11 May 1994


by Laurie Booth

Wed 11 May 1994

Hated Nightfall

by Howard Barker

Fri 08 Apr 1994

My Night With Reg

by Kevin Elyot

Thu 31 Mar 1994


Written by Steve ShillDirected by Roxana Silbert

Wed 16 Mar 1994

The Kitchen

Written by Arnold WeskerDirected by Stephen Daldry

Thu 17 Feb 1994

The Madness of Esme and Shaz

Written by Sarah DanielsDirected by Jessica Dromgool

Tue 01 Feb 1994


Written & Directed by Anthony Neilson

Wed 12 Jan 1994