Past Productions

Strangers' House

Wed 19 Nov 1997


by David Plannell

Wed 19 Nov 1997

The Chairs

Written by Eugene Ionesco Translated by Martin Crimp Directed by Simon McBurney

Wed 19 Nov 1997

a.s.k. Afternoon Readings Four New Plays From the Usa

Wed 19 Nov 1997


Written by Rebecca Prichard Directed by Roxanna Silbert

Thu 23 Oct 1997


Written by Meredith Oakes Directed by John Burgess

Thu 09 Oct 1997

Blue Heart

Written by Caryl Churchill Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Wed 17 Sep 1997

The Censor

Written & Directed by Anthony Neilson

Thu 04 Sep 1997

The Leenane Trilogy

Written by Martin McDonagh Directed by Garry Hynes

Thu 17 Jul 1997

The Weir

By Conor McPherson

Fri 04 Jul 1997

The Weir

Written by Conor McPherson Directed by Ian Rickson

Fri 04 Jul 1997

This Is a Chair

By Caryl Churchill

Wed 25 Jun 1997

Tides of Night

Written & Directed by El-Warsha

Sun 22 Jun 1997

Ramzy Abul Majd

Written by Athol Fugard Directed by Al-Kasaba Theatre

Sun 15 Jun 1997

Things Fall Apart

Written by Biyi Bandele Directed by Collective Artises, Nigeria

Mon 09 Jun 1997

The Censor

Written & Directed by Anthony Neilson

Wed 04 Jun 1997

The Geography of Haunted Places

Written & Directed by West Australian artists

Tue 03 Jun 1997

a.s.k. Afternoon Readings Four New Plays From the Usa

Tue 03 Jun 1997


Written by Edward Bond Directed by Dan Baron Cohen

Fri 23 May 1997


Written by Tom Murphy Directed by James Macdonald

Thu 17 Apr 1997

Voices From Spain Rehearsed Readings

Written by various Directed by various

Tue 08 Apr 1997

Attempts on Her Life

By Martin Crimp

Fri 07 Mar 1997

The Shallow End

Written by Doug Lucie Directed by Robin Lefevre

Wed 12 Feb 1997


Written by Tamantha Hammerschlag Directed by Mary Peat

Thu 06 Feb 1997

Cockroach Who?

Written by Jess Walters Directed by Caroline Hall

Mon 03 Feb 1997

The Fever

Written by Wallace Shawn Directed by and performed by Clare Coulter

Wed 08 Jan 1997

Shopping and Fucking

Written by Mark Ravenhill Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Tue 07 Jan 1997

The One You Love

Written & Directed by Tim Luscombe

Tue 17 Dec 1996

The Beauty Queen of Leenane

Written by Martin McDonagh Directed by Garry Hynes

Fri 29 Nov 1996

I Licked a Slag's Deodorant

Written & Directed by Jim Cartwright

Wed 27 Nov 1996

East is East

By Ayub Khan-Din

Tue 19 Nov 1996


Written by Tamanthan Hammerschlag Directed by Mary Peate

Thu 14 Nov 1996

The Call

Written by Lydia Prior Directed by Julie-Anne Robinson

Tue 12 Nov 1996

Business as Unusual

Written by Michael Shaw Directed by Indhu Rubasingham

Fri 08 Nov 1996

The Future Is Betamax

Written by Nicholas Kelly Directed by Caroline Hall

Mon 04 Nov 1996

Drink, Smoking and Tokeing

Written by Stuart Swarbrick Directed by Julie-Anne Robinson

Thu 31 Oct 1996